Profile Forte doctor insight tips to recover faster after the hair transplant


    Profile Forte doctor insight tips to recover faster after the hair transplant

    Profile Forte Doctor: Dr. Vikas Gupta well-known Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

    Are you having trouble with your hair? Have you considered all sorts of options but nothing is working for you? Have you ever thought of consulting Dr. Vikas Gupta at Profile Forte to undergo the Hair Transplant in Punjab? When you schedule your initial consultation with our doctor he will make you understand the entire treatment and how much you need to pay for your Hair Transplant Cost.

    No doubt, this treatment plan is one of the effective options for having natural results and permanent hair growth. Understand that not every person can manage hair loss without undergoing a hair transplant. You need to get all the information from the best hair doctor to know how this treatment can benefit you and which method of a hair transplant will suit you.

    Important tips to recover faster after the hair transplant procedure

      • Exercise after hair transplant

    Following the hair transplant, you need to limit doing physical activities as much as you can. This is because, when you do so it leads to excessive sweating which makes you itch your scalp. At this point, itching is difficult to control which increases the chances of irritation. It is also possible that you try to pull your hair which can lead to hair breakage problems. After the hair transplant, you should not exercise for at least 10 to 15 days.

      • Hair wash after the hair transplant

    Following the hair transplant, you need to wait to wash your hair. To wash your hair, you should wait for at least 48 hours after undergoing the hair transplant. Although, your doctor will guide you about the same when you wash the hair and how.

    Just make sure that you do not use any kind of harsh shampoo after the hair transplant. Any sort of product which contains harmful chemicals can damage the hair grafts. Go for the mild shampoo & conditioner, or preferably use the one suggested by the doctor.

      • Diet after the hair transplant

    Your hair needs food just like your body. Following the hair transplant, you need to avoid the intake of any sort of oily and spicy food. At this time, your preference should only and only be the home food as it is light, including minimal spices. You need to eat healthy food which includes all sorts of vegetables and also has seasonal fruits. Even intake of dry fruits is good at this point. If you are not sure what to have then talked to the doctor.

      • Swelling after the hair transplant

    After the hair transplant, there is swelling that lasts for a few days. To ease the swelling, you should apply ice to the forehead. Never apply ice on the transplanted area directly. It’s better that you keep the ice in a cloth or handkerchief & then apply it on the forehead.

      • Lifestyle choices after hair transplant

    Like the doctor advises avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption before transplant. In the same way, you need to avoid that after the hair transplant. Both these habits can hurt your hair growth. So, avoid them after the transplant.