Pollution and Hair Loss – Prevention


Pollution and Hair Loss – Prevention

Hair fall is a common health condition among both genders all over the world. This is the condition which can cause due to many reasons. Many people claim that hair loss is caused due to environmental factors such as dust, dirt, air pollution, and water pollution. Because these days we are living in a more polluted environment as compared to previous years. In addition, many healthcare specialists reveal that people who smoke regularly are contributing to pollution, which additionally affects hair growth and promotes hair fall.

What Is The Relation Between Pollution And Hair Loss?

A recent study reveals the truth about environmental factors such as pollution which does not only affect your hair but also harmful for overall health. Pollution contains harmful chemicals which affect the hair follicles, and these follicles are useful to hair growth. They said that pollution is not only caused by industries and traffic but also caused due to fire and cigars. Because these all include harmful chemicals that are harmful to human beings and other species as well. Moreover, common household dust also contributes to hair fall because firstly it can lead to itching and scaling. After then this will lead to hair thinning which can only be treated with certain medical procedures such as hair transplant.

How To Prevent Hair From These Pollutants?

Cover your head

You must cover your head when you are going outside because it will give you relief from harsh chemicals which are resolve in atmosphere and air. Moreover, only cover your hair with the clean cloth and cap but avoid wearing whole day scarf and cap because it may cause itching.

Hair transplant surgery

You should visit your doctor once in order to get the proper treatment because only the medicated procedure will give you more benefits. He will first examine you and reason behind your hair condition, then if you are suffering from excessive hair fall or bald spots then he will surely suggest this procedure. This is the procedure which gives you total growth and natural looking results. Moreover, this is the procedure which does not have any side effect and offers you more permanent results.

Use mild shampooing

If you are suffering from hair fall due to pollution then you must go with mild shampoo which protects your scalp and head from chemicals. You should wash your hair thrice a week in order to wash all the dust and dirt particles which cannot harm you anymore.