PCOD’s Effect On Your Hair


PCOD’s Effect On Your Hair

These days, PCOD is a common hormonal problem in women of reproductive age. In addition to this, a recent study shows that almost 5 -10% of ladies are suffered from this PCOD condition. But the majority of ladies do not even understand why this occurs and what are the signs of this condition. Moreover, this is quite similar to PCOS condition which is also a hormonal disorder. In order to treat this condition, you have you first understand it.

What is PCOD?

PCOD is additionally known as Polycystic Ovarian Disorder, which is a health condition related to ovaries. This is the condition in which you may experience bleeding and it will affect your menstrual cycle as well. Majority of people are not actually aware of these signs because they do not know the PCOD condition. In addition, this condition can also lead to low self-confidence, embarrassment, the feeling of ashamed, and some other psychological symptoms.

In other words, many doctors reveal that infertility is the main sign of PCOD, because you are not able to control your menstrual cycle, or you even do not know when you are gonna bleed. Moreover, you may experience hair loss and over-weight. This condition results in excessive facial hair and hair loss on your scalp.

PCOD and Hair Loss

PCOD and hair loss are related together because PCOD condition directly attacks your hormones. It can lead to over-production of androgen, which is actually a male hormone and useful to regulate your hair growth cycle. But due to excessive androgen hormone in your body can result in excessive hair growth of your face and hair loss on the scalp. This condition further leads you to female pattern baldness, which can only be treated with the help of hair transplant because it is too effective and well-known hair loss treatment.

Is There Any Type Of Treatment In Order To Treat Hair Loss Due To PCOD?

Yes, there are various solutions in order to treat your hair fall due to PCOD condition. No need to worry, because the most common and well-known solution is hair transplantation. And then, you can also go with anti-androgen supplements so that you can able to maintain hormones in your body.

Moreover, your diet and daily physical activities also matter because these are also helpful to maintain your hormones. So, you have to eat a healthy diet and practice exercise daily so that you can get rid of these types of problems.