Observing hair loss and transplants today


Observing hair loss and transplants today

Hair transplantation is a surgery where a surgeon takes hair follicles resistant to hair fall from one side of the scalp to another. This is a surgery that has side-effects like bleeding, scabbing, and bruising.

There are two techniques of hair transplant that include FUT and FUE used in hair transplant clinics. With the FUT technique which is also known as the strip method, the surgeon will cut a strip of hair along with its tissue from the sides or back of the scalp. This strip is dissected and the hair follicles implanted into the small incisions in the empty part of the head.

In the FUE, the surgeon with his team will harvest the hair follicles individually from the donor site and implant the hair follicles in groups or in the manner that will create natural results and a good density.

A hair transplant in India can also be performed using hair from the rest of the body in the case of inadequacy on the scalp.

Hair fall is quite common today and it is expected to rise in individuals due to the numerous causes that people encircle themselves with. Hair loss is common in youths due to the heredity factor or the habits, like smoking, and over styling their hair.

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We all have hair, but the rate of growth and degeneration is different. Some may grow more hair, despite living in unfavorable conditions due to genes, the texture and the density that is resistant to hair fall. To others, they may have a less density and poor texture that easily leads to premature hair loss.