Modern Fat Transfer Surgical Options


Modern Fat Transfer Surgical Options

Fat transfer is becoming common in the cosmetic sector for a number of reasons. Ideally, recycling never seemed to have the potential of stretching its roots from the manufacturing field to the cosmetic sphere, but time has told it all.

Fat Grafting or Fat Transfer as a Recycling Procedure in the Cosmetic Sphere

Fat grafting generally means extracting fat from one region of the body where it is in plenty or excess. Fat transfer in this sense would mean introducing the previously extracted fat in any region of the body for cosmetic reasons.

Ideally, the fat grafting surgery in India requires a surgeon to harvest fat from the outer thighs, buttocks to another region that requires more volume. These regions may include the face (depressions or lips), breasts, hands and so on.

There are a number of factors to consider prior to the surgery and these include a thorough examination.

Surgical Options Associated With fat Transfer

Fat grafting or fat transfer plays a major role in these procedures below. Read through to understand the right surgery for you.

Breast Augmentation & Fat grafting

Patients who desire a modest increase in their breasts can opt for fat grafting/transfer. However, you should keep it in mind that the procedure isn’t for those with sagging breasts, poor skin, or those who desire to make their breasts bigger.

Facial Fat Grafting in India

Facial Procedures & Fat Grafting

It is one of the commonly performed procedures in the modern world. In this case, the surgeon will extract fat from anywhere and introduce it in the facial region to;

  • Enhance the size of your lips
  • Eliminate facial creases
  • Eliminate laugh lines and crow’s-feet
  • Eliminate acne scars
  • Remove depressions

Buttock Augmentation & Fat Grafting

People who desire a fuller butt #Brazilian butt lift can opt for the procedure. This procedure may require large amounts of fat and with that fact, liposuction may be used.

Breast Implants & Fat Grafting

Perfectionism with implants is at times met with fat transfer procedures. Those who desire optimal results may combine implants and fat transfer. However, the surgeon should thoroughly evaluate the breasts since the procedure may not correct irregularities.

Procedure Steps During Fat Grafting

Any fat transfer surgery in Punjab is conducted under general anaesthesia. The donor region is identified and an incision will be made as the surgeon may require. Fat will be grafted and then taken to the laboratory where it is purified or processed.

The surgeon will then introduce the treated fat in the recipient region through an incision. Bandages will be applied on a patient and then taken to the recovery room.