Long Hours of Work and Hair Loss


Long Hours of Work and Hair Loss

Studies have found that if men work in a week for more than 52 hours then the hair is lost at twice the speed as compared to those who work for 40 hours. This is because the stress caused by work affects the hair negatively. Read the given topic to understand hair loss because of long hours of work.

Study Regarding hair loss and Long-working hours

In one of the research around 13, 291 men between the age of 20 and 59 were examined. The men were divided into 3 groups:

  • Normal: Worked 40-hour per week.
  • Long: Worked for around 52 hours a week.
  • Much Longer: More than the above mentioned time.

When the study was concluded the normal was at 2% hair loss, the longer group 3%, and much longer at 4%. Well, there are other factors like age, education, monthly household income, smoking, work schedule, and marital status. But according to research the most likely contributor to hair loss is stress. The stress makes the hair enter the catagen phase and they might even damage the hair follicles.

Scientific Reason behind stress and hair loss

Stress triggers hair loss because the change in hormonal levels occurs in stressful times. It can even lead to telogen effluvium which is a medical condition and make the person lose their hair.

In this condition, the hair growth cycle is altered and this can make the hair follicles to not grow properly. The hormones affect the hair growth pattern of the hair follicles which eventually make the hair shed very fast.

Thoughts on Research

Considering the hair loss different factors are essential as stress is not the only contributor to this case. Genetics and family history should be considered also. Also, stress can affect both men and women. At times, it can be a temporary reason for hair loss so managing stress is very essential.

You should do exercise, breathing practice, take breaks, and give yourself the proper time to relax. Find the best option which works in your favor and most importantly helps you manage the stress levels.

Getting Diagnosed at the right time

In case the problem is very severe or nothing is working right for you then taking medical advice is essential. The best and ideal way to deal with excessive hair loss is by undergoing the hair transplant which gives permanent and natural-looking results. Just make sure that you choose the best surgeon to undergo the treatment of hair transplant surgery as their skills and experience will give pleasing and desired results. Also, follow all their instructions and visit them for a follow-up check-up.

Want to know about stress and hair loss condition then you can book your appointment with our hair loss specialist today only for consultation.