Liposuction Suited To Different Body Types


Liposuction Suited To Different Body Types


Liposuction is indeed getting popular day after day, in layman’s language, it is a process to take out/ remove fat from some areas of the body, in case you are seeking to get it done, you should, in the first place know if you are a suitable candidate or not. To know more, read on:

Category I: People who are normal in weight

• Many people believe that they are not the right tones for surgery, no, it is not correct; they certainly are very much suitable.
• Best candidates
• People of normal weight, who wish to improve their body shape.
• People having fat deposits, commonly called trouble areas, where exercises, crash diets, don’t have any effect.
• People having good flexibility, in their skin, when fat is being removed, it has a smooth appearance.

Category II: Overweight, not too much but to some extent.

This compromise around 50% over the normal weight, fat is spread all over, but to the maximum in some body parts, which can be put to surgery. They wish to get liposuctioned because of the fact that they are not able to get to the shape they wish to get to.

Category III: Incredibly Obese

Those who are 30 to 10 percent or more than their ideal weight are not considered good for liposuction; they have swelling all over and many times suffer from weight-related related problems, like BP problems, diabetes, and more conditions. They wish to go in for liposuction for weight reduction.

Surgery is done in India

Liposuction Surgery in India on a very large scale. The process is as follows

• Painkiller
General / Local painkiller or Anaesthesia is given

• Operation
It takes around 1-3 hours for the operation to take place

• Stay in hospital
Usually, the Discharge is same day or next day

• Seams
Usually none

• Healing
Can walk and have dinner the same day. Recovery depends on how much fat was removed and from which part