Lifestyle Habits That Are Reasons Of Baldness


Lifestyle Habits That Are Reasons Of Baldness

In the advertisements, you must have seen how people struggle from the chronic hair fall and which is true also. Waking up and seeing clumps of hair is definitely not a good way to start the day. For some people, this problem is hereditary. But the problem is not always because of genes, it also depends on your lifestyle factors or choices. Some of the reasons which lead to the problem of baldness are given below.

  • Skipping Meals

One of the reasons for hair loss is when we don’t eat properly or skip our meal. By doing this, it directs its energy towards essential function like helping the heart and brain to work properly, but this affects hair growth. So, it is very essential that you should consume a balanced diet which contains all the protein and Vitamins such as spinach, salmon, egg, lentil, berries, meat etc. The best way to treat the problem is with the hair transplant.

  • Mishandling the Wet Hair

The way you handle the hair also affect the hair growth which eventually leads to hair fall. When we wash our hair at that time they are very fragile and due to which they are very easy to break. Brushing the hair when they are wet and then aggressive towel-drying will surely leave a negative impact on the hair. So, make you comb your hair once they are completely dry.

  • Smoking

Another factor which makes hair brittle and weak is smoking. If you don’t quit smoking they will not only affect the lungs but the hair also. It contains harmful chemicals which restrict the blood supply in the entire body. The hair follicles need blood supply for growth and healthy hair. You should avoid this to avoid any type of health issue.

  • Steroids

Some people choose to boost their physiques by taking steroids. No doubt, it might build muscle but it will definitely affect the scalp. Additionally, this also means the hair will get weak faster and the problem of excessive hair fall is more prominent for these people.

  • Hair styling product

Excessive use of hair products also causes more harm which one must not be aware of. It is because some of these products contain high alcohol content which makes the hair brittle and dry. You should carefully choose the product for hair. It is better that you choose products which are natural and does not contain any harmful chemical.

  • Stress

Stress for a long time also affects the hair. It not only affects your overall health but it makes the hair follicles weak and you will notice hair fall.