Is Over Exercising Also A Reason For Hair Loss?


Is Over Exercising Also A Reason For Hair Loss?

Exercise keeps your mind and body balanced. In the same way, eating the right food is very important for a healthy lifestyle. People who exercise daily will notice that they more active and less prone to diseases. But sometimes exercising more than required can lead to the issue of hair loss. If a person is taking steroids to boost there metabolism it will affect the hair growth. If you enjoy swimming but do not take care of your hairs then it is going to affect your hairs. After swimming if you leave chlorinated water on hairs it is going to affect the texture of hairs. If a person is facing the problem of hair loss for a long time them should get the hair loss treatment. So, it’s true that if you exercise too much it will strain your health.

Anemia (iron deficiency)

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, female athletes are more prone to the problem of iron deficiency. One of the consequences of iron deficiency is hair loss. The patient will notice receding hairline and circular patches of hair loss all over the head. The person may also lose eyelashes, eyebrows, or pubic hair.

Sweat Buildup

Sweat buildup on the scalp can also make the hair dry and dull. You can control the sweat buildup by washing your hairs with a mild shampoo and which doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It is best to wash your hairs twice a week. Properly condition your hairs. You should avoid using curling irons and blow driers regularly.


Stress is one of the other factors of hair loss. If you are doing excessive exercise it is going to leave your body into a zone of chronic stress. Stress is going to affect your overall health. You should exercise for one hour for five days a week.


If you love swimming you should be concerned about your hairs. The chlorinated water will make yours dry and they may also break. That’s because public pools contain high levels of chlorine to keep them safe for the public. The hair expert advises to protect your hairs is to wet them with non-chlorinated water, before entering the pool. You should wash your hairs with non-chlorinated water every 30 minutes. Condition your hairs properly and wear a swim cap before entering the pool.

So, it’s best to keep a balance of everything. Exercise is important but if it is not putting your body into stress. You should eat properly, sleep enough, drink lots of water to avoid the problem of hair loss.