Is it okay to apply hair oil following the hair transplant treatment?


    Is it okay to apply hair oil following the hair transplant treatment?

    Patients who have undergone a hair transplant in Punjab, often have different concerns in their minds and one of them is applying hair oil. Bear in mind, you have paid for the hair transplant cost and after the surgery, it is imperative that you carefully follow all the guidelines given by the surgeon. In this blog, we are going to mention the answer to the given question, ‘When can I apply hair oil after the hair transplant?’

    Take proper measures to see the recovery

    To have a head full of hair, you must follow the post-operative measures given by the surgeon. Don’t do anything which is specifically mentioned by the doctor otherwise, the final results will be affected. Following the pos-operative regime is a crucial step to see success.

    How long do you have to wait to apply the hair oil after the surgery?

    You must be properly aware of when you can apply the hair oil. You have to give your scalp rest for around one week or two. Doing so will make it easier to heal naturally. In addition, you have to only use the shampoo which is suggested by the doctor. You have to be extremely particular about any product you apply on the scalp that should not contain any harmful ingredient. The doctor might tell you about the antiseptic lotion which you have to use on the scalp so that it can heal.

    What hair oil is okay to apply on the scalp?

    In case, the scalp feels itchy or there is dryness then you have to go for the natural oils. Natural oils, will help you get relief from itching and this way healing will be done with ease. Apart from these, you can go for the:

      • Almond oil
      • Coconut oil
      • Sage
      • Rosemary oil
      • Olive oil

    Make sure that you massage the scalp in a circular motion and it would be even better that you combine the oil for better results. Oiling the scalp will help in hair growth and it will even make you feel relaxed.

    How chemical oils can be risky after a hair transplant?

    Bear in mind, the hair follicles are fragile, especially in the first few weeks. Many hair care products come with harmful chemicals which can do more harm than benefit your scalp. So, it is better that you avoid the use of any product which can affect hair growth because of the harsh chemicals present in it.

    Some of the aloe vera brands have alcohol in them which can irritate the scalp and it will affect the healing process. You have to get your surgeon’s advice on what is best for you and what you should do.

    Consult the best hair expert

    Hair transplant is a surgical treatment so you have to be sure that you do not make any mistakes. After the surgery, you have to do as the surgeon says and if you have any doubt, then make sure to consult the medical expert without any delay.