Is it okay for the scalp to itch after undergoing a hair transplant?


    Is it okay for the scalp to itch after undergoing a hair transplant?

    When we look our best all the time, it brings another level of confidence. Don’t you think so? There comes a point in our lives when we have to deal with hair loss and if the situation becomes too tense or gets out of control then we start looking for options. If you are looking for one, then my suggestion and recommendation would be to undergo the Hair Transplant in Punjab. Are you thinking…Why???

    Well! The hair transplant treatment provides natural-looking results and permanent hair growth. Not only that, the Hair Transplant Cost is significantly less in India as compared to any other developed nation. This is the reason, people from around the world travel to India to get a hair transplant. If you have already got the surgery or are planning to get it done in a few days, then let me make you aware of the post-operative itchiness.

    What are the causes of postoperative itchiness?

      • Following the surgery, you will notice postoperative itchiness once the grafts are placed. This is because your scalp is getting adjusted to the surgical intervention and you will feel a tingling sensation.
      • It might also be possible that itchy scalp occurs due to the dryness which is caused by the shampoo which the person uses.
      • In addition, if any topical ointment is prescribed then it is possible that it can trigger an allergic reaction. It is possible that due to this you are likely to experience severe itching.
      • Chances are rare, but due to negligence, there is the risk of infection. In case you have been dealing with a skin problem then the itching scalp is common.

    What can I do to deal with itching scalp after a hair transplant?

      • First of all and the most obvious one is that you should not scratch the scalp. If you keep on doing it then it will lead to bleeding and other areas will also get infected. So, it is pretty clear that you have to avoid itching.

    When the problem seems to get worse, you have to consult the doctor who can prescribe you a certain ointment that will make you itch and it will soothe the specific area.

      • It is better that you cut your nails so that even if you scratch them by mistake there won’t be any problem of infection or bleeding. You have to keep your nails trimmed for at least one month.

    What are the side effects of itching the scalp after a hair transplant?

    If you itch and scratch then there are high chances that you will notice other problems. The worst-case scenario is that you will notice side effects like:

      • Pimple breakout
      • Bruising occurs due to frequent abrasion
      • Mild swelling can lead to excess itching

    Consult the doctor

    If you are experiencing an itching that is severe enough that blood comes out then you have to consult the doctor right away. For more information, you can schedule your initial consultation with our hair expert.