Is it necessary to shave the whole scalp before undergoing an FUE hair transplant procedure?


Is it necessary to shave the whole scalp before undergoing an FUE hair transplant procedure?

Hair transplant in Punjab is specially designed for those with excessive hair fall due to certain reasons. And who are unable to get the best results even after trying several hair loss treatments. Hair transplant surgery has two types, from FUE is the famous and well-known method to get rid of hair fall.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair regeneration procedure that is mostly used to remedy the baldness of the male and female types and can often help with hair loss in certain other cases. You may have known that before the operation you needed to shave your hair, but now you can perform the surgery using a No Shave method, with little to no shave.

How’s FUE Hair Transplant Working?

FUE uses your own back and sides as a “donor” position from which one, two, three, and at times also four safe hair follicles, full with grafts, are harvested one by one. These grafts are extracted using a simple punching device, which creates tiny holes at extraction points, which typically repair only as simple dot heals. Hair for transplantation can be obtained from the beard, chest and the back with a BHT-technique or Body Hair Transplantation while usually obtained from areas of the scalp where the hair is permanent. Then collected grafts are transplanted at the recipient sites or affected areas.

Shave or Shave not prior to getting hair transplant surgery?

The FUE technique for fixing hair loss is a delay, because the individual, typically a man, does not want the normal approach at the back and sides of his head. Nonetheless, when utilizing the No-Shave method, the bulk of hairs will be left behind on the back and sides of the head for a shortening period of time. The consequence is that the individual will not feel that the next day requires any treatment, because the current hair provides a natural, whole-hearted appearance.

Many hair transplant surgeons will not provide the No-Shave procedure because a comprehensive and skilled team is needed to operate with the actual lengthy hair which requires a little longer to execute. However, the No Shave method can not be utilized to execute FUE cases conducted by the robot since the robot wants all hair to be shaved.

Your procedure planning

When you want to get an FUE transplant to recover lost hair, or to recover thin brows or beards to your physician, negotiate with your physician before the surgery whether you intend to avoid taking any drugs so ensure no problems are present and make sure this is the right care available with all the other prescriptions.