Is Health Also Reason for Hair loss?


Is Health Also Reason for Hair loss?

What is hair loss?

Hair loss is the common health condition which occurs once in everyone’s life. Sometimes they experience only a little hair fall which can cure itself but sometimes they experience more hair fall which is medically known as male pattern baldness or alopecia areata. These both conditions are normally common in men of each age group.

There are various causes of hair fall which directly linked to your overall health. If you are suffering from many types of health conditions or you are getting the treatment of some type of serious health conditions then you can only be treated this type of hair fall with effective hair loss treatment. This treatment is known as a hair transplant that has two types such as FUE and FUT.

Is Health Additionally A Reason For Hair Fall?

Yes, health is directly linked to hair fall in both sexes such as stress, obesity, health problems, hormonal changes, and a poor diet. These all are explained as below include-:

Hormonal changes

Fluctuations in hormone levels are normal in every person of teenagers and adults. Women have two types of hormones in their body which plays an important role such as estrogen and progestin. If you are suffering from low levels of these hormones then you will surely experience these conditions more. On the other hand, testosterone is the hormone which is present in the male body, additionally, the excessive levels of this hormone can lead to hair fall or thin.

A poor diet

A poor diet is also responsible for hair fall in both sexes because processed and oily foods affect your health and hormones as well. In this situation, you have to consume healthy foods so that you can get rid of these problems. Moreover, people who consume foods that contain preservatives are at greater risk of hair fall.

Certain health conditions

Some type of health conditions is responsible for hair falls such as blood pressure, depression, and cancer. In addition, cancer is the main and primary reason behind hair fall in both genders. Moreover, if you are getting the treatment of cancer, for example, radiation and chemotherapy then you will surely face male pattern baldness. Since these therapies and medications which you are taking to get rid of this problem are too harmful which do not only kill cancer developing cells but also kill healthy cells. That’s why you experience this hair fall condition during chemotherapy.