How To Cope Up With Itchy Scalp


How To Cope Up With Itchy Scalp

Some people believe it is easy to get rid from this problem by using any anti- dandruff shampoo prevailing in the market but actually this problem is different than the dandruff. This problem occurs due to fungus and flaking so the studies favors the shampoo that have heavy- metal removing ingredients can be good for this problem like tea leaves shampoo that not only remove the pollutants but also exfoliate the outer layer of scalp.

Other than this some home remedies can also help you to get rid from this problem.


Lemon has antiseptic properties so it can help you to escape from the itchy head. You can spray or pour the lemon juice in scalp for best results on regular basis. If your problem is mild then you can dilute lemon juice and apply on scalp. After applying lemon leave it for 5-10 minutes and then wash it out.


Baking soda is the important and popular cleaning ingredient. It can also work for your hair as it balances the ph level of hair. After mixing soda with water you can rub it on your scalp and after 10-15 minutes can wash for best results. It is also effective way to get rid from itchy scalp


These two fruits can effectively work for your itchy scalp. Mash and mix two bananas and avocado and then rub the mixture on your scalp. After 30 minutes,  wash your hair. You can have shiner hair after wash and even this remedy lead to hair growth along with reducing problem of itchy scalp


Massage with coconut oil is always considered as good for hair so this can also does wonder for itchy scalp. Massage your hair and scalp for few minutes with the coconut oil and after some time you can have your hair wash. It will give you relief from itchy scalp


Same as the lemon use it has also antiseptic properties so can be effective for the itchy scalp. Mix the vinegar with water and spray it on the scalp and after few minutes wash your hair. You will get relief from itching problem.