How To Calculate The Bald Area And The Requirement Of The Hair Grafts?


    How To Calculate The Bald Area And The Requirement Of The Hair Grafts?

    This blog, as it is quite obvious, is about hair transplants in Punjab, but it is going to be a bit mathematical.

    We all know that the hair transplant cost is primarily based on the bald area and the density of the hair, which after multiplication equates to the requirement of the total number of grafts.

    Let’s move on with the mathematical aspects of the hair transplantation

    Calculation of the bald area


      • As quite obvious, the area is going to be in the square centimetres.
      • For the measurement, we can take a normal scale which must have the marking ranging from:
      • 6 inches or 15 cm
      • You must be having a marker pen
      • Area of rectangle = Length x Breadth
      • Area of Triangle = Base x height / 2
      • Make sure to take all the measurements in the same unit. (Usually used units = Centimetres)

    Note: The calculation of the hair grafts and the density of the hair transplant is going to be calculated by taking all the presumptions into account.


    The total bald area = 40 square centimeter

    Requirement of the grafts = 2000

    Density of the hair transplant = 2000/4 = 50 grafts

    This means, only 50 grafts need to get transplanted in the per square centimetre area.

    What if we want to give the density of 60 grafts per square centimetre?

      • If that is the case, then we’ll require, the following number of the grafts:

    40 * 60 = 2400

      • In the same way, if the density to be provided equates to 80, then the total number of the required grafts will be:

    80 * 40 = 3200

    What is the normal density of the hair?

    When it is about the normal density, then it may range between the:

      • For Occipital Area = 80 to 120 grafts
      • For Temporal Area = 40 to 80 grafts

    Did you know?

    There are not more than 3 hair follicles in each of the hair grafts.

    What is the targeted hair density in the hair transplant?

    The following figures are recognized by doctors worldwide:

      • Front Area = 35 to 50 grafts
      • Hairline = 55-60 grafts
      • Mid Scalp and Crown Area = 30 to 40 grafts

    Note: All these numbers are based on the per square requirement.

    What is the main reason for providing half of the natural density?

    The predominant reason behind it is that it will give you a normal look. People would not be able to detect it unless they are having a closer view of the hair while applying oil or doing chumpy.

    Why is a high-density hair transplant not suggested?

    No doubt, a high-density hair transplant is quite possible. But extracting a large number of hair grafts to get fats from the donor area will lead to deterioration and if that area comes out to be bald, then the hair transplant wl be quite difficult to be carried out.

    Bottom Line

    How did you like the mathematical aspects of hair transplantation? If you have found them interesting and want to know more about them, then please provide us with your valuable feedback. It is what keeps us motivated to present more informative blogs for you in future.