How To Avail Affordable Hair Transplant In Punjab


How To Avail Affordable Hair Transplant In Punjab

Many people are having a tough time dealing with grave hair loss. As soon as they notice their diminishing hair, they start taking cosmetic measures to prevent their hair fall. If these measures don’t prove to be effective, they resort to other methods. If they are not satisfied with the results, it leads to the ultimate solution of opting for a hair transplant. Consultation regarding the same is readily available at many places across India. These clinics understand that hair loss poses a question mark on the appearance of people who are conscious of their looks. It might lead to low self-esteem and diminished confidence. People desirous of undergoing hair transplant surgery are welcome to do so, but before that, they should opt for pre-transplant consultation.

What is pre-procedure consultation?

A pre-procedure consultation will help you in ascertaining the facts related to hair transplant. In fact, it is a compulsory procedure which one should not overlook. In the initial consultation, you can very well judge the expertise well. His ability and quality of service will be very evident with the interaction. An expert surgeon will tell you about the grade of your baldness and suggest the appropriate number of grafts. This will be the deciding factor of the hair transplant cost. Of course, the fees of a renowned surgeon will vary from that of a novice one.

Be a part of the hair restoration network

It is a good suggestion that you be a part of the hair restoration network. Check with the results that the other patients have to share. The ex-patients of a doctor will be helpful in offering the best opinions regarding him. You will get help in choosing the best surgeon through this step. Networking will not only help in this aspect but also help in finding the best affordable option.

Take a look at the patient records

It is important that you have a look at the records of the ex-patients of a doctor. The photos will give you an exact idea about the finesse of the doctor. Talking to the patient can help you get an idea about the comfort level offered by the clinic. The aftercare that you receive post-surgery is also a point of critical concern. The surgeon, as well as the clinic, must take an optimum interest in the recovery phase.

What exactly does the hair transplant entail?

Hair transplant involves the transfer of hair roots from the site with more growth to the site with less growth. The site on the scalp with more growth is marked as donor site while the area with less growth is marked as a donor site. The roots, when transplanted trigger growth of new hair, even though the transplanted hair falls off after a period of some months.