How should you sleep after undergoing the hair transplant procedure?


    How should you sleep after undergoing the hair transplant procedure?

    We at Profile forte hair transplant centre are committed to be with our patients until the end of the recovery period. Since 50% of the success of the hair transplant in Punjab is dependent on how the patients carry it out and the other 50% is based on how effectively we have gone through the recovery period.

    If we follow all the required precautionary measures in the recovery period, then we are heading the steps to make each penny paid for the hair transplant cost come out worth it.

    Whenever the patients undergo the FUE procedure, they do have so many questions about the aftercare and recovery period. In our today’s blog, we are going to answer one of the most asked questions and that is:

    ‘How should I sleep after undergoing the procedure?’

    Why is the sleeping position considered crucial after the hair transplant?

    The position which we are considering to sleep after the hair transplant matters a lot. Patients are not supposed to cause any kind of disturbance with the newly placed grafts since it may lead to dislodgement of the hair follicles by producing a negative impact on the recovery.

    Is it really necessary to sleep on clean sheets and pillowcases?

    Yes, it is really necessary to sleep on clean sheets and pillowcases. Since the dirt and dust may react with the newly transplanted hair follicles negatively.

    Why should you place the soft dark towel on the pillow?

    With the soft and dark towels, it becomes easy for you to prevent your bed sheets or the pillows from getting stained since some kind of leakage is normal after the hair transplant.

    How should you sleep?

    You are required to sleep by keeping your head and the back elevated. With this, the scalp will not face any issues regarding the flow of the blood. It is advised to sleep at an angle of about 45 degrees.

    What If I like to sleep on my stomach?

    Some people are habitual of sleeping on the stomach. If you are one of them and have recently undergone a hair transplant, then sorry but you are not allowed to sleep in your favourite and comfortable position.

    Last night, I was hit by the headboard. Will it produce adverse consequences?

    Make sure that you are very cautious the next time. By causing sudden pressure or being hit by the headboard on the scalp will produce a negative impact on the scalp.

    What about the sleeping pattern?

    It is always suggested to take a good amount of rest for rapid healing. The patient must maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    When can I return to my normal sleeping habits?

    Immediately after 10 days is over, the doctor may give the green signal to the patient to get back to the normal sleeping routine.

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