How hair color can damage your hair health? Are there natural options?


    How hair color can damage your hair health? Are there natural options?

    Hair coloring can be fun and exciting. Almost all of us have tried to color our hair at least once, from pink to red to look our best. But before you do that consider whether the damage which comes after it will be worth it. In case you have undergone a hair transplant in Punjab it is better that you consult the doctor whether you should color your hair or not. Hair coloring does affect your hair health and in case they are damaged you are making it even worse.

    It might lead to hair loss and it makes them brittle. Make sure that you seek medical assistance right away, consult the doctor for hair transplant cost. On average, the treatment cost begins from Rs 40,000 (Depending on your condition you will be told about the total cost).

    What are the health risks linked to dying your hair?

    Hair dyes contain chemicals

    Hair dye contains chemicals that affect hair health. Although, you must buy the best one from the market. In many hair dyes, you will find hydrogen peroxide which damages the hair. It is added to the hair dye because of its bleaching properties. Due to this, the melanin is reduced in the hair which damages the hair and makes them look weak. Some of them have chemicals like mercury and lead. This can affect the respiratory system and lead to health issues. Moreover, it can lead to an allergic reaction like:

    • Itching
    • Irritation
    • Rashes
    • And much more

    Can the use of hair dye make a person sick?

    One-time use of the hair dye will not lead to hair damage. But, if you are using them too often or frequently, it will lead to hair damage instead of making them look good. There are high chances that you have a respiratory illness, hair damage beyond repair, skin diseases, and much more.

    Is it possible to have cancer through hair dye use?

    Although, there is no scientific evidence the use of hair dye will increase the chances of cancer. These hair dyes do have chemicals that have a risk of cancer.

    What are the natural methods to color hair?

    The hair dye contains hair coloring agents which are known for affecting hair health in some way or another. In case, you want to color yours often or try it for the first time, then it is better that you use natural methods. Using these provides your hair with nourishment and keeps the hair healthy. Some of the natural hair coloring options are:

    • Henna (known for its medicinal property and give your hair nice-looking color)
    • Coffee beans
    • Tea leaves
    • Herbs (rosemary and marigold are coloring agents)
    • Vegetable Juices (beetroot juice & carrot juice)
      With the homemade dyes, you will not have any issue with your hair health. So, it is better to choose those options which do not lead to side effects. In case you are facing hair loss or baldness issues, then you need to consult the best hair expert right away.