How do I Know that I Need Hair Transplant?


How do I Know that I Need Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is experienced by both men and women these days because of some factors. In this condition, you need to go through a surgical procedure like a hair transplant. You must read this article carefully at the end, in order to get knowledge about it and want to know reasons to undergo a hair transplant.

Everyone wants to have long, smooth, and silky hair because these directly contribute to your beauty. However, this is not a cup of tea for everyone, because of hair loss. Well, hair loss is caused due to many lifestyle habits such as smoking, over-consumption of liquor, and poor nutrition, hormonal changes, health problems, and so on. These conditions lead you to excessive hair loss or baldness, that can only be treated with the help of hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant is specially designed for those who are suffering from baldness, alopecia, and excessive hair fall. This involves two methods, FUT and FUE, both these methods are valuable to treat hair fall and will surely get your desired results. So, you need to talk to a doctor first in order to get knowledge about everything.

You may not know that millions of people are suffering from hair loss condition. A recent study reveals that almost 40 percent of people are suffering from hair loss. So, you must fix an appointment with the doctor to know the reasons for wanting hair transplantation.

What happens at the first Consultation?

At the first consultation, you must ask everything to your doctor regarding hair loss and hair transplantation. Don’t rush to get a hair transplant, you must research properly before going for hair loss treatment. Your surgeon specialist may suggest you go with oral medications first such as oil, solution, and creams.

If you are unable to get rid of this condition even after getting oral medications, you must go with surgical procedure. But you must understand why you need a surgical procedure.

Here are some reasons why you need to undergo hair transplantation procedure.

  • People who are suffering from genetic or hereditary hair loss are eligible to get hair transplantation procedure.
  • If you are losing hair due to burning or injury or trauma.
  • People who are unable to treat hair loss with the help of medications.
  • Women who are losing their hair due to overs-tyling or cosmetic procedure such as brow-lift.
  • Males who are facing male pattern baldness from several years.
  • People with suitable donor hair are a perfect candidate for this hair transplantation procedure.
  • Patient with good health is eligible for hair loss surgical treatment.

Make sure you choose the best hair transplantation specialist because only he has the ability to give you the right treatment.