How can you handle the work regime after undergoing hair transplant surgery?


How can you handle the work regime after undergoing hair transplant surgery?


Many people start to feel conscious and insecure when they start losing their hair. This is the reason they prefer to choose a hair transplant to solve the issue of hair loss once and for all. The best part is that patients can get permanent and natural-looking hair with the treatment of Hair Transplant in Punjab.

Many patients often wonder when they can get back to work following the surgery. This makes it easier for them to flaunt their new hair and their self-confidence is increased.

However, the reality is that the anxiety and insecurity they feel about losing hair will extend to admitting that they have undergone the treatment of hair transplantation to have regrowth of hair. The confidence you have incoming clean about the treatment will impact on the best return to work plan for you as an individual.

What advice does a doctor give?

If you are dealing well or following the surgeon’s guideline there is no reason that you need to worry about seeing the results. Moreover, you can get back to work within a few days following the hair restoration treatment.

Take proper rest following the surgery

Keep in mind, you need to take proper rest after the surgery. This will make it easier to go through the healing process. Patients start assuming that a job is not physically demanding and there is no reason they can get back to the work regime.

If the job is strenuous and there is a need for heavy lifting or manual labor then you must stay away from work for around 2 weeks. Giving proper rest to the body and scalp will help to make it firm. Moreover, it takes around 14 days for the hair follicles to get transplanted into the scalp correctly.

Follow the surgeon’s guideline

  • After the surgery, do not put excess pressure on the hair follicles because it can dislodge them from their position.
  • You should avoid doing strenuous exercise regime following the surgery.
  • Most importantly take the medications to reduce swelling and lessen the pain. This will make it easier for you to manage everything.

Make sure that you follow the surgeon’s guidelines after the surgery and take everything with ease to get back to work.

How can I cover the fact that I have undergone hair restoration?

If you do not want your co-workers to find that you have undergone the surgery then here are few ways to do that. Following the treatment, there are visible red spots and scabbing. If the doctor recommends that you can wear red hair then you can get back to work quickly. But, you need to get in touch with your team leader to get permission to wear the hat for at least a few days.