Has Caitlyn Jenner Transplanted Her Hair?


Has Caitlyn Jenner Transplanted Her Hair?

These days hair transplant is very popular among people not only among celebrities but also well-known among normal persons. This is the surgical formula for people who are bald and have bald spots on their head. In addition, hair transplant surgery plays an important role in the lives of people who take transgender treatment in order to retain a proper and natural look.

As these factors, Caitlyn Jenner, who is American TV personality took this hair transplantation procedure with the goal to grow hair on her head after the coming out as transgender. She has receding hairline first, then she decides to grow her hair when she saw her stepdaughter using tricks of eyeshadows. After getting this treatment she looks very attractive and impressive that everyone praises.

She visits hair transplantation specialist with the goal to get the treatment because she wants to grow her hair and want to get thick volume, which can only be possible with this method. Because this method has two types include FUE and FUT, in which the FUE method gives you the best results as compared to FUT. Since FUT is the conventional method of hair transplantation which is also a good method but takes more time to recover.

Moreover, she used hair extensions and wigs which are not an appropriate and proper treatment for hair loss, or growing hair.

Transgender Hair Loss Treatments

When a person thinks to change his gender male to female, then they have to face some hair related problems such as hair loss or male pattern baldness. This is the condition which only occurs due to hormonal changes and imbalances. Because in this treatment your surgeon will give you hormone therapy because female and male have different types of hormones.

Firstly your surgeon moderates your hormones so that he can stop hair loss without many efforts. Surgeon of Caitlyn Jenner also did because it was necessary to prevent the growth of DHT hormone because it can lead to baldness. After treating DHT hormone her surgeon gave her some type of hair loss medications which cannot affect as much as hair transplantation.

In this way, she got this treatment with the goal to change her look. Because she took the treatment of transgender and she wants to get the look like girls. She also reveals that she did not face any of side effect because this is the totally safe and secure treatment which gives you natural and permanent results.