Hair Transplant Repair To Fix Unnatural Hairline


Hair Transplant Repair To Fix Unnatural Hairline

Hair loss is a brutal reality of modern times. Even the youth are in the clutches of hair loss and balding. People have to resort to various techniques for saving their hair. In case other options don’t work out, hair transplant is the last resort. However, there is a need for opting for a suitable surgeon and clinic. The consequences of a bad hair transplant surgery can be quite frustrating and devastating. Let us see how bad transplants can wreak havoc with your resources, both in the financial and physical terms.

A good hair transplant will make your head look full and natural while a bad transplant will make your head look unnatural and poor in the aesthetic sense. A botched up hair transplant will give you the pluggy look with visible graft sites. It may also result in an irregular hairline. A hairline that is too straight or uniform gives an unnatural look. The hairline may also become too high or too low due to a poorly done surgery. So there arises a need for corrective surgery if you have been unfortunate to have undergone a bad hair transplant.

What does corrective surgery do?

Corrective surgery deals with rectifying the errors committed in the earlier surgery. Therefore it is necessary to recognize the flaws of the previous surgery. In case the previous surgery has employed an old technique, there will be a limitation on the hair restoration techniques too. If the original surgery used plugs that resulted in an irregular look, the surgeon will have to break up the original grafts to  achieve a uniform look. In case the concerned surgery is a scalp reduction surgery, new grafts will have to be used to create a natural effect. In both cases, the natural look will have to be restored but the surgeon will have to take care of the density of the hair and the position of the hairline.

Hairline –natural looks matter 

Many factors determine how a person’s hairline looks. It will depend on a variety of factors like his parents, the ethnic group and the race to which he belongs. Keeping this factor in mind, we can conclude that there is no perfect hairline that can suit all the patients. The surgeons will have to be careful about this factor.

Hair Restoration with care

Before performing a hair transplant repair surgery the surgeon looks carefully at the old photos of the patient which gives him an idea about his natural hairline. The original hairline is taken as the reference point for the surgeon’s work. Techniques like FUT and FUE are used to extract hair grafts from the donor area and placing them in the recipient area. Both techniques may be used in combination to hide the erroneous previous grafts, plugs and blotchy appearance. The distribution of the hair is also made uniform by this approach. The surgeon eases out the previous follies while granting a customized look to the patient.