Hair Transplant Methods: Traditional Versus Modern Techniques


Hair Transplant Methods: Traditional Versus Modern Techniques

Technological advancements have altered the lives of people in many ways but these advancements have also improved the treatment facilities. The pioneered advancements in the field of medical science have improved the lives of people and prevent them from various devastating health conditions. Such technological invention as even has touched the cosmetic field that is why now it is possible for the people to get their growing hair back with simple surgical procedures like the hair transplant.

Hair transplant in India is basically done with two methods FUT and FUE hair transplant in which simply loss resistant hair follicles are plucked and transplanted in the bald areas so that patient could have the fuller head of hair with improved looks and confidence.

Hair transplant can give life-changing results to patients as it is the quite effective and result oriented procedure due to which bald or patients with less hair could have natural looking denser, undetectable and lifetime growing hair without any side effects.

Although hair transplant has improved the quality of patient’s life still by giving them the best aesthetics and dignity of having full growth of hair still the trust of technology is not satisfied as many new and advanced methods are entering into the field that are not only improving the results but also making the procedure safer and more effective with lesser recovery days.

Traditional v/s modern methods

Through the basic principle of hair transplant that is the loss resistant and healthy follicles can retain their properties even after their shifting from one area of the scalp to the other but the technology makes the huge difference in the methods, results of the hair transplant.

As in the traditional methods like strip removal, a strip of hair follicles was used to remove that generally leaves the linear scar but now advanced FUE procedure has minimized the scars near to zero visibility due to the extraction of individual grafts done with advanced technology-based tools.

An advanced procedure like the Robotic method of hair transplantation has minimize the risk of scar near to zero as this robotic method in which robotic system is used for extraction and transplantation process, has made the extraction and transplantation faster but also reduced the damage to nearby tissues of donor area and even lead to zero visible scarring.

So the advanced technology like the robotic arm has made the transplantation surgery more effective, less time consuming but more result oriented with zero scarring and side effects.