Hair Transplant In Pathankot

Successful hair loss prevention by latest technology

For hair transplant, normally two techniques are commonly used nowadays- FUT and FUE. Both techniques vary only in the form of hair extraction. Each hair unit consists of two to three hair roots with the external cover. The specific follicular units are then inserted in the recipient area of the scalp in a way that the hair produced by FUE hair transplant in Pathankot look fully natural.

We utilize specialized follicle extractors that remove follicular units individually from the donor site. FUE also have the specific benefits as there is strip is cut from the donor site. Therefore it doesn’t leave any residual scar at the donor site that however occurs in FUE. It involves the direct removal of the follicular unit that is performed by the special equipment.

FUE is more complicated than FUT and it takes more time than transferring the same of count of follicles with FUT procedure this is the reason that FUE cost is higher. Usually the FUE hair transplant cost in Pathankot goes up to Rs. 1,50,000 for the transplant of 4000 grafts. The patients can resume their daily routine after the day of procedure. The treatment doesn’t leave any scar so you can keep hairs in any length.

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