Best FUE Hair Transplant Centre in Lehra

Baldness is stressing out many men and women in their very young age so in order to burst out this stress they seek for many treatment options available for hair loss. as per the durability most of the hair treatment are temporary except hair transplant.

Profile center provides you permanent relief from baldness up to any extent with the surgical hair restoration. there are two methods for this treatment one is FUT method and other is FUE method but FUE hair transplant in Lehra is the popular one being the advanced and revolutionary treatment option.

FUE benefits

  • This is painless and safe procedure for hair restoration
  • It is scar free procedure as in this procedure we extract the individual hair follicles rather than strip of hair bearing skin from back head which leaves linear scar
  • Patients can resume their normal routine in 1-2 days as recovery time is quick in the procedure
  • We ensure the affordable FUE hair transplant cost in lehra with retained best quality treatment.

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