Hair Transplant in Australia

Thousands of men lose hair even without knowing the actual cause of the problem. There are several hair products that one can use but they end up putting more damage to the hair. Hair loss is not normal and has big effects for a person. It drives a man or a woman crazy.

We have people leave alone the celebrities who see hair as their power to drive or making everything work in this world. It is unbearable when you are at this stage and watch one by one of your grafts fall out. The permanent solution for hair loss and baldness is having a hair transplant but people forget that they have to be more conscious with the new hair to prevent continuous hair fall. Do you need the best hair transplant and at the same time keep the new hair? Read below;


Follicular Unit Extraction is carried out by removing grafts the donor site and then implanting them in the affected area. FUE can be used in robotic procedures, BIO-FUE.

FUT/ Strip method

Follicular Unit Transplantation is done by cutting a strip of hair from the region of more density, separate it and the implant it

Facial Hair Transplantation

In this, the hair follicles are harvested from the ends of the scalp, chest to make or make full eyelashes, mustache, eyebrows, and beards.

Procedure of Hair Transplant Surgeries

  1. It is not a hard surgical process so you ought to be relaxed
  2. After inspection of the affected and the donor site, the surgeon marks the recipient site
  3. Anesthesia is given to feel no pain
  4. The surgeon gets removes grafts from the donor site (FUE) whereas, in FUT, a strip is cut using a scalpel
  5. The grafts are preserved and the wound in FUT procedure is correctly sutured to avoid a visible scar
  6. Hair follicles are then implanted satisfactorily observing the hairline, angle, and direction of the hair
  7. The procedure is for a few hours and you can return home

After Surgery and recovery time

Some patients are allergic to anesthesia so it is important that you inform the doctor. Treatment is provided and there are dos like to raise your head while sleeping, and getting relaxed, the don’ts like avoiding aspirin, vigorous exercises, and smoking.

The implanted hair falls out after a few days and in a few months, new hair shows up

Cost of Hair Transplant in Australia

The cost varies from the technique used to the number of hair follicles extracted. The cost depending on grafts, it is estimated to start from $6 to $15. The prices are more patient friendly

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