Hair Transplant in Amritsar

The trend of hair transplant is increasing at the wide pace in Amritsar. For bald heads where the follicles under the specific area are almost dead, they need a special treatment called Hair Transplant. The beauty of hair transplant is that it only takes a day but you receive natural and growing hair just like the rest of permanently hairs. You can also trim and style your new hairs as per your wish.Hair transplant in Amritsar is an excellent option if you are somewhere in Punjab.A closer look at the hair transplant process

Hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant is a procedure which involves the transfer of hair from the areas showing abundant growth to the area with scanty growth. When a patient approaches a surgeon, the different areas of the head are identified and marked as the donor and the recipient area. After this, on the day of the transplant, the doctor extracts the hair grafts from the donor area and implants them onto the recipient area. The technique used is often a specialized one. The advent of artificial intelligence has also contributed to the field of surgery. Bio FUE and robotic surgery are some of the options one can avail.

Hair transplant options in Amritsar

Many people can try out the other alternatives available in the market before finally settling down for transplant. In Amritsar, you can be sure of affordable cost and the best possible facility. Of course, the best doctors are also available in the city. The city is well connected to all parts of the state through the air and train network. No doubt the city offers remarkable prices for remarkable services. It not only caters to cases related to male pattern balding but it also treats people with mustache and beard balding. Eyebrow balding often occurs in people with alopecia. This can also be treated at the clinic in Amritsar.

After the surgery

You will find some symptoms which will add to your discomfort after the surgery. You will have to deal with symptoms like Redness, Swelling, Pain in the operated area, Tightness in the scalp these symptoms will vanish as time passes. The doctor will prescribe medicines for dealing with them. Be careful about completing your course of antibiotics.

You will also have to take precautions regarding the care of your sclap.
1. Be careful about not putting pressure on the operated area.
2. Don’t engage in strenuous activities or contact sports.
3. Keep the area clean and use a mild shampoo to wash the area after a period of 2-3 days.
4. Don’t rub anything or indulge in vigorous brushing as it will result in tension on the scalp and elevate chances of incurring an infection

Who is the ideal candidate for hair transplant?

People might get the feeling that anyone could opt for hair transplant, but this is not so.
The following make the best candidates for hair restoration surgery

1. Men with male pattern baldness for 5 or more years.
2. Men with realistic expectations and those who accept that results would be nothing miraculous.
3. Men who have a stabilized balding pattern
4. People who have lost hair due to an accident, trauma, injury, or burns
5. People who have lost hair due to other cosmetic procedures like facelifts etc.


    Who performs the hair transplant?

    The well accepted FUE hair transplant in Amritsar is performed by the top surgeons with the advanced equipments and techniques. We offer a combination of excellent quality results with transparency of affordable price. Our surgeons are famous for their hard work, devotion and expertise in hair loss solutions.

    Facts to consider about hair transplant cost

    • You should check that a doctor has an appropriate qualification to perform this procedure
    • The professionalism of your surgeons is crucial that is reflected from the equipments used by them
    • The transplanted hair last permanently, in fact the FUE hair transplant cost in Amritsar can be high, but as per receiving the lasting results, the cost is worthy.

    Unlike other clinics, the results offered by our professionals are assured, you will receive consistent results that last for a couple of years.

    The cost of hair transplant goes between INR 18,000 to INR 1,50,000 depending on the count of grafts needs to be transplanted. At last, cost should not be the first factor while considering this treatment, give priority to the skills hold by your surgeon.

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