Hair Transplant in Amritsar

The trend of hair transplant is increasing at the wide pace in Amritsar. For bald heads where the follicles under the specific area are almost dead, they need a special treatment called Hair Transplant. The beauty of hair transplant is that it only takes a day but you receive natural and growing hair just like the rest of permanently hairs. You can also trim and style your new hairs as per your wish.

Who performs the hair transplant?

The well accepted FUE hair transplant in Amritsar is performed by the top surgeons with the advanced equipments and techniques. We offer a combination of excellent quality results with transparency of affordable price. Our surgeons are famous for their hard work, devotion and expertise in hair loss solutions.

Facts to consider about hair transplant cost

  • You should check that a doctor has an appropriate qualification to perform this procedure
  • The professionalism of your surgeons is crucial that is reflected from the equipments used by them
  • The transplanted hair last permanently, in fact the FUE hair transplant cost in Amritsar can be high, but as per receiving the lasting results, the cost is worthy.

Unlike other clinics, the results offered by our professionals are assured, you will receive consistent results that last for a couple of years.

The cost of hair transplant goes between INR 18,000 to INR 1,50,000 depending on the count of grafts needs to be transplanted. At last, cost should not be the first factor while considering this treatment, give priority to the skills hold by your surgeon.

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