Hair Transplant Cost in Khanna | FUE Hair Transplant in Khanna


Hair Transplant Cost in Khanna | FUE Hair Transplant in Khanna

Latest Trends in the Field of Hair Transplantation

We are in the middle of 2018 and the world of cosmetic procedures like hair transplantation has already made many effective strides in the advancing of new and latest technologies. However, the basic principle of hair transplantation has remained unaltered but the methods of practicing this principle have changed in many terms.

Follicular unit excision method

In 1988, FUE method was introduced as a revolutionary procedure for Hair Transplant in Khanna in which individual hair follicles are extracted instead of strip or belt removal of hair follicles, and then the extracted follicles are transplanted to cover baldness but now a new change has occurred in this method as the method has been altered from extraction to excision. In the new follicular unit excision method small incision is made to remove the hair follicles along with fat, dermis and epidermis so that there will be no need to make thousands of tiny incisions for extracting individual follicles as in traditional FUE. New FUE method is less invasive and scarring. In lesser time number of grafts can be transplanted and even the recovery period is also shorter in the new FUE excision procedure.

Body hair transplantation

Body hair transplant is also a new invention in the field of hair transplantation and it could be done in two ways means body hair to scalp hair or even scalp or body hair to body hairs. In BHT if the patient has no sufficient hair on scalp for restoration then the body hair present on arm, legs, thighs, pubic, chest, the abdomen can also be used to restore hair of scalp according to their best match, loss resistant, and availability. On the other side BHT is also been done to restore eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache, beard hair and for this restoration, hair can be taken from the scalp or from other body parts as per their exact match.

ARTAS robotic method

Use of robotic system for surgical hair restoration I also new trend in the world of hair restoration as in this procedure robotic system or arm has been used to choose and pluck the loss resistant hair follicles from the back area and then transplanted in the bald or thinning area. This robotic procedure is less time to consume, less invasive and less scarring as compared to the other methods of hair transplantation.

Hair Cloning

Hair cloning is also an advanced method which is still under clinical trials. In this method few hair follicles cells are extracted and then transformed to make 15, 00 cells and then these cells are injected into the scalp of the patient to restore the growth of hair. The aim of this method is to give effective, minimally invasive, natural and faster results to the patients.