Hair Restoration For Caucasian Descents In People


Hair Restoration For Caucasian Descents In People

What are the essential factors considered for people experiencing Caucasian descent? In which ways it is different unlike to Asian or African styles?

The important factors considered by Asian hair transplant surgeons for Caucasian patients while conducting the treatment are:

Higher hair density in Caucasians unlike to Asian or African people with thin hairline.

Hair strength and shaft length is small about 4.5mm

The count of triple haired units are higher whilst in Asians the maximum units contain only two hairs.

Mild contrast with scalp skin. So the coverage with the equal count of grafts is higher in patients. Additionally FUE can have larger transaction rate about 20 to 30%. Various hair types allow this, specifically curly hair and real points.

Caucasians’s skull is ovoid so their head is extended from front to back side rather in left to right direction due t which they possess hairline with deep front to temporal positions.

The hair density in Caucasians is about 100 follicle units per cm2 which is however only 60 follicular units per cm2 in Africans and 80 to 90 follicular units per cm2 in Asians.

If you are a Caucasian patient and looking for the ideal treatment, make sure to choose a reputed clinic in India that can offer very good results. A specialized surgeon can remove about 3000 grafts per day in such patients whilst in Asian patients the count goes up to 2500 grafts per day. So, the more coverage, the better results. On the basis of graft needs, excellent results can be achieved by FUE, FUT and a combined procedure. Another essential factor is the expertise hold by the surgeons. If a surgeon is not specialist in handling Caucasians thena fox analysis is preferred for performing this procedure.

FUE or follicular hair extraction procedure has become the most demanding hair transplant technique today. The results are highly unnoticeable meanwhile the procedure does not leave big scars. Additionally the healing period is quite small that the patients can resume heavy activities within a week. Unlike to other treatments, it creates no chance of infection so the FUE patients feel safe and more comfortable with this procedure. Moreover once you find an expert FUE surgeon, the procedure goes very smoothly.