Hair Loss – Diagnosis And Treatments Explained


Hair Loss – Diagnosis And Treatments Explained

The first thing that people notice about you is your hair, how perfectly you have managed them and which hairstyle you are doing prominently. And when the most noticeable part of your body starts deteriorating then it’s a matter of concern. Living in this fast paced world and burning out in the stressed environment does really make a great effect on your health. By means of great effect, it results in your health start making compromises with its capabilities. One of the compromises your body make is not taking care of the hair which eventually leads to the hair fall. So many clinics and hospitals are filled with the patients curing their hair fall. Hair fall treatment Is inevitable famous among youth owing to the fact of dealing with the loss of hair. Some hair fall treatments include the medical procedure where certain medicines are provided by the doctor and the individual needs to follow the routine. On the other hand, hair loss treatment is done with surgical methods. One of these methods is hair transplant.

Hair Loss Treatment With Medications

Men are more prone to hair fall as compared to women and the baldness issue more occurred in their case. Doctors usually prescribed medicine for hair loss if it tends to be curable with them. Some medicines offered to the individual, are generally in the form of oil or liquid. And the kind of medicine, which we are talking about is Minoxidil, which also goes by the name of Rogaine. This liquid form is usually prescribed by the doctors. This medicine is used in the treatment of alopecia and androgenic. Androgenic and alopecia are the names given to the hair loss problem. The prescription of this medicine usually involves two applications. Hair growth depends upon the usage of this medicine usually takes time.

Another medicine purposely used for hair growth is Finasteride, which comes in the form of a pill, unlike Rogaine. This pill works in such a way that it stops hair follicles become thinner. This medicine is taken by the person mostly under a doctor’s advice.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical method which is used to generate hair growth in men. Being a surgical method, it is considered quite costly and has to perform two or three times till the desired result. This surgery involves the procedure of extracting hair from one side and transplanting it the side where baldness has occurred. It also comes under the name of follicular unit transplantation.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment’s cost is not as higher like any other hair transplant surgery. Generally, it costs less. Both men and women can undergo this treatment for hair fall treatment. Because this treatment is not used by most of the people, it is not much known amongst the pupil. This low laser treatment works by stimulating the growth of hair follicles.