Hair Loss – Is your Job The Culprit?


Hair Loss – Is your Job The Culprit?

Hair loss

Hair loss is the common health condition which everyone face once in his life. Sometime, it will treat itself but sometimes you need such type of medications such as hair loss solutions and hair transplant surgery.  There are various causes of hair loss such as genetic factors, changes in hormones, poor nutrition, health problems, and a certain type of medications. You may experience excessive hair loss, which will lead you to baldness or bald spots on your temple and crown.

Many people claim that they lose their hair due to the job because they have to travel daily and city pollution and a stressful job cause this condition.

How pollution and stress can lead to hair loss?

One study demonstrates that pollution and stress are the main reasons for hair loss in the majority of people. In addition, pollution contains harmful chemicals and particles which cause dryness and hair breakage. Which over time leads to excessive hair fall and you may notice more hair strands at your pillows, comb, and shower. This happens because you do not cover your head while going outside.


If we talk about stress then, it also is the cause of hair fall in both sexes. People who are suffering from depression and stress are more likely who experience hair fall more than a normal person. If you are leading hectic and stressful lifestyle than you should surely encounter hair fall condition. Because in this situation many people pull their hair badly and stress also responsible for changes in hormones. A recent study reveals that stress imbalances the hormones which are present in your body or it may increase the levels of estrogen and testosterone hormone in your body. That’s why doctors consider stress as the culprit for hair fall.

Treatment of hair fall due to job

There are different medical procedures which give you better results. You must talk to your doctor first so that you can get the best hair loss treatment. The main treatment for hair fall is hair transplant surgery because it is totally safe and secure. This is the surgical procedure which gives you more natural looking and permanent results.

Moreover, you can also go with oral medications or solutions such as Minoxidil and Finasteride. These both are hair growth solution which you should use with the prescription of the doctor. Because sometimes if you have any skin problem it is not recommended.