Hair Loss is Increasing Daily? Thinking About Which Method To Choose


Hair Loss is Increasing Daily? Thinking About Which Method To Choose

Hair is one of the major parts of our appearance. Our hair health casts a definite effect on the way we look. The bitter truth is that we are facing hair loss much more than before. It has become a common condition which can be very well-validated by the great rush to the cosmetic measures of hair revival. If other methods don’t seem to work out, we can opt for hair transplant surgery. It is one of the major methodologies one can avail for hair loss treatment.

Before the Transplant 

Before the process, the patient undergoes a thorough consultation with the doctor. A clear and detailed discussion between the doctor and the patient is required for bridging the gap between the patient’s expectation and the possible results. It will be helpful in arriving at a decision which will be in the interests of both.

Another major factor to be considered is the surgeon. One should opt for a well-established and well-known surgeon.

Hairline Reduction 

It is a fast process which ensures a thick hairline within a minimum time frame. Due to this reason, it is a popular choice for people who are in a hurry.

Advantages of a Hair Transplant 

Hair Transplant provides natural-looking results. As compared to hairline reduction, the results of this process are more natural-looking. The results also depend on the finesse of the surgeon.

Hair transplant: the two main methods-

Strip Surgery (FUT)

This is suitable for people with extensive baldness. This method involves the extraction of a strip of hair from the donor area of the patient. The follicular units are separated from this strip. After extraction, the follicular units are implanted in the recipient area. The whole process is carried out using the telophytic method. Thus it results in no scarring.

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction

In this method, the follicular units are extracted from the donor area. The process differs in the way the harvesting process takes place. Punches are used for the harvesting process. The cuts are not deep in this method. The disadvantage of the process is that it results in a lot of wastage. Due to this factor, it is not preferred by many hair surgeons.

How to decide?

The final decision should be based on the pros and cons and also the option which suits one the best. The patient must decide on a choice and take the opinion of the surgeon. His candidature for the same must also be evaluated. After a thorough evaluation, the doctor and the patient can proceed with the selected procedure.