Hair fall After hair transplant?


Hair fall After hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is the best treatment option to solve the issue of hair loss. While undergoing the treatment, it is essential to understand the entire treatment and how it works. One of the major factors is hair fall after normal treatment. Read the given guide, to have a better understanding of the topic.


Are you concerned about losing hair following a hair transplant? This is one of the major concerns patients have while undergoing hair loss treatment. Let’s understand this in detail.

Hair loss after Hair restoration is normal

The most important thing to remember is that hair loss or shedding is normal. Normally, every person loses around 50 to 100 hair every day. After the surgery, you will notice hair fall which is part of the process and you don’t have to worry about it. 

Why does hair loss happen after hair transplantation?

The hair loss occurs in the first 3 to 4 months after the treatment. Once the hair follicles are transferred from the back of the scalp to the problematic area, the hair roots will go into the resting phase. This means the hair will not grow for some time and they will fall out. This is the reason, the patient will experience hair loss. So, there is no need to worry about hair shedding following the surgery.

Also, make sure to not touch the hair grafts or scalp for 2 weeks as they are delicate and it takes time for them to deal with the trauma of surgery.

Is hair loss part of the process?

Hair shedding is part of the treatment. If you notice this, it means you are getting the desired results you want or the treatment is progressing. Once, the resting phase is complete, the hair will grow back as normal. 

There is no doubt when the hair grows it will look natural and healthy. The hair growth will match the existing hair as the patient’s hair follicles are used. The regrowth phase is referred to as the active or anagen phase. During this time, hair growth will be around 1cm every month. 

Normal hair growth after the treatment

Following the treatment, seeing hair loss is a sign of successful results. The resting phase will help the hair to grow as normal. The body needs time to respond to the trauma of the treatment. 

Consult the medical expert

If any point, you feel something is not normal or you notice unwanted symptoms then consult the medical expert right away. 

Planning to get the treatment for hair loss, then visit our surgeon to get an effective treatment plan. Our doctor will diagnose your condition and then give you a customized treatment plan which works the best for you.