Hair Care Tips for Winter


Hair Care Tips for Winter

Your hair is an essential part of your appearance. A shining, abundant mane gives you a good personality while a scanty scalp might not give a very good impression. However, hair needs proper nourishment and external care for looking good. Harsh winter may make your hair look lackluster and undernourished due to the dry conditions. It may also result in thinning of hair. There is an increased tendency of losing hair if the hair’s condition is not well maintained. You can cut down the hair loss by adhering to the tips given below.

Avoid harsh Sunlight

The sun can be harmful to your hair even in the winter season. It’s recommended that you cover your head with a hat or scarf when are outside. If you are not a hat person, you can carry an umbrella. The umbrella or the hat will shield your hair and scalp, and help in keeping the moisture of the hair intact.

Keep Your Hair Hydrated  

Water is necessary for adequate cell growth, nutrient delivery, and removal of toxins from the body. Water constitutes a major part of the hair strand, thus water is essential for the growth of new hair. Drinking adequate water will keep your hair and scalp hydrated because it will keep the dry scalp well moisturized. 

Ditch the Dandruff

The winter season brings another problem with it – dandruff. It leads to white, scaly dandruff flakes which cause itching and irritation in the scalp. The condition is not serious but it might lead to many problems like inflammation in the scalp and hair loss. If you are struck with dandruff, try massaging your scalp with oil and using anti-dandruff shampoos. If you are experiencing hair loss for no apparent reason, you can opt for a hair transplant.

Fortunately, there are many top hair transplant clinics in India which can help you to get your shiny and bouncy hair back.

Wash your Hair with Warm Water or Cold Water 

Don’t use hot water for washing your hair. Yes, you might be tempted to use hot water for bathing. However, your hair gets harmed when you use very hot water for washing it. Hot water strips the natural layer of oil from your scalp resulting in a dry scalp. It’s best to use warm water or cold water so that your hair is damage free.

We hope that these above-mentioned tips will help you in arresting your winter-related hair loss. If you continue losing hair, you can opt for a hair transplant.