Habits of Women that can Lead to Hair Loss


Habits of Women that can Lead to Hair Loss

Many people get used to facing hair loss, but few of them realize that it is completely avoidable in some cases. The avoidable cases pertain to some deficiency or careless handling of the tresses. If people are not careful about their hair, it may lead to complete baldness at some stage. Then the only option left will be a hair transplant. The problem of hair loss and balding is seen not only in men but in women also. The cases of woman hair transplants are also on the rise.

Protein Deficiency 

Getting the right amount of protein is significant for cell repair and growth. However, it also plays an important role in maintaining hair health. Keratin, an essential part of the hair, is a protein that plays an important role in hair growth. In case we don’t eat enough protein, our hair becomes thin and brittle. It is thus important to include foods like nuts, protein shakes, lean meats, and other protein-rich foods in our diet.

Handling Wet Hair Roughly

People tend to handle hair roughly when it is wet. People commonly use a comb or brush to bring the hair in order after a bath. Some dry their hair vigorously with the towel. However, these activities are detrimental to the health of the hair. These two things contribute to hair loss as it causes the breakage of thin and weak hair.

Frequent Heat Styling 

Heat styling may make your hair look perfect for some moments but it can lead to potential hair damage. If you use heat styling on your hair regularly, you might end up with damaged hair. If this is the case, go with the natural look for a while. Avoid excessive blow-drying, curling, and straightening as it can weaken your hair and make it brittle as it damages the protein content of the hair. 

Extreme Color Changes

Some people with dark hair may wish to have blonde hair or some people with blond hair may desire dark hair. The present beauty techniques make it possible for people to drastically change their hair color through bleaching or dying. While it may help you look good, it may not be favorable or your hair quality. The harsh chemicals in hair dyes and bleach can harm your hair. If you must change the hair color, then it is better to graduate slowly, choosing bleaching or coloring by shade or two at a time. This will help in reducing the damage done to the hair proteins and hair follicles which in turn reduces the hair loss.