Guide To Find Out Which Facelift is ideal for you?


Guide To Find Out Which Facelift is ideal for you?

There are various cosmetic procedures to make your look young which eventually boost your self-confidence. One of the procedures is facelift which many people are opting for to address the issue they face with age. In this topic, we will help you choose the right and best facelift procedure.

Facelift procedures demand has seen a sudden rise in the last few years. There are many catchy terms to address it like weekend lift, short scar lift, lifestyle lift, or lunchtime lift. Let’s understand the procedure of facelift surgery and which option is ideal for you to get the desired results.

Procedure of Facelift

In the procedure of facelift, incisions are made around the ear, mostly in the front around the ear lobe and behind it. In the facial tissues, there is only skin and on the skin & deep tissues, there are suspension sutures. With the latest procedures, it has made it possible to get the desired results and with a high comfort level.

Types of Facelift 

Type of Facelift  Description  Recovery  Longevity
MiniLift Only skin is lifted The procedure is very simple. Recovery time is around 7 to 10 days.  This procedure does not last as long as other procedure which reposition the muscle layer. This option is best for younger patients and the procedure lasts for 5 years.
Macs Lift With the sutures, the skin and muscle layer is tightened. Recovery is easy which needs 7 to 10 days and simple procedure. This procedure lasts for a long time as compared to a mini lift. The patients who are young and have good skin quality can opt for this. This procedure results last for 5 years.
SMAS Excision Muscle layers are tightened along with the skin. The simple procedure and recovery time is around 10 days. This technique lasts for a long time as compared to other procedures. The muscle layer is re-positioned and its results last for 5 years. 
Sub-SMAS Lift Skin and repositioning of the muscle layer by tightening the muscle layer.  The procedure is simple and recovery lasts for 10 to 14 days.


In this procedure, the muscle layers are being re-positioned which helps in increasing longevity.
High SMAS Lift The skin along with release and reposition along with tightening the muscle layer. The procedure is delicate and recovery time is 2 weeks which is more than other procedures. The muscle layer is re-positioned which helps in increasing longevity.
Deep Plane Facelift The skin along with muscle pads are released & re-positioned which helps in tightening the muscle layer. 


This procedure is comprehensive and recovery time is around 14 days.


This procedure longevity is more as compared to other procedures which are around 10 years.

Make sure you seek the help of the doctor so that they can give you a customized treatment plan according to your situation.