Good Donor Area for Hair Transplant : Explanation


Good Donor Area for Hair Transplant : Explanation

Hair falling out in the natural part of life and the problem can occur because of different factors. In case you are facing permanent hair loss, there is a need for a good donor area to transplant the hair follicles. Read the given topic as we have mentioned in detail regarding a good donor area.

Important Consideration for Hair Transplantation

Undergoing the hair transplant is important to keep in mind managing the donor area, precise assessment, and recipient area proper designing & planning. The donor area is going to have hair for a lifetime and they are going to provide proper coverage to the recipient area. Here are some possible factors which tell that patient is a good candidate for hair transplant surgery:

  • Patient’s Age

Although there is no age limit to get the procedure, admirably ideal candidates are above the age of 23. In some cases, the problem starts at a young age and they plan to get the treatment at an early age. But at that time, hair loss is immature and it is not sure whether the problem will progress. So, when you plan to get a hair transplant in Ludhiana your surgeon will evaluate every single detail to make sure the results are best.

  • Checking the hair loss

Hair loss severity and availability of donor hair will play a very important role. During the surgery, the hair is transplanted from one part of the scalp to another so there should be healthy hair follicles. So, understanding hair loss, donor hair quality, and availability are very essential.

  • Overall health

It is a surgical procedure so patients’ health must be proper. The patient must be eating healthy food, doing exercise, and their lifestyle preferences should be right. This way it helps to recover on time as well as see the desired results on time. In case you are suffering from health issues then you should tell your doctor right away.

  • Hair loss type

The ideal candidates are those who are suffering from male or female pattern baldness. In these cases, a part of the scalp is affected, not all the area which makes the patient a suitable candidate for the surgery.

Location of donor site

  • The first preference of the donor’s hair is from the occipital area and adjoining the temporal area as they are permanent.
  • The next preference is beard hair as they are thick and do not get affected by DHT. This hair gives the best coverage in the crown area but should not be used for the hairline.
  • For advanced cases of baldness, abdomen and chest hair are a viable choice.
  • For women hair transplantation the scalp hair is the best choice.

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