Get information about certain Post Hair Transplant Care tips from our specialists


Get information about certain Post Hair Transplant Care tips from our specialists

Hair transplant is known as the best hair loss treatment across the world. This is a surgical treatment, so you need to choose the best hair transplant surgeon. You must get a hair transplant in Punjab, as this is the place where you can get proper aftercare along with successful results.

Some vigorous exercise will be avoided. The operation may also lead to temporary swelling in the front of the head. In order to reduce or eliminate swelling, the patient will spend at least 2-3 nights with a tilt for headache at a 45 ° angle. This is the treatment that has to be taken diligently in order for new hair to regenerate rapidly and to develop optimally.

Here are some post-surgical care tips, you must follow.

The first day to the sixth day

In the first three days, moisture in the surgical region would be essential. Therefore, the treatment given by the doctor should be sprayed every 60 minutes of the day. You should use tap water and spray it if the solution is drained. In addition to hydration, spraying ensures the operated or donor area does not form scaffolds.

Fourth to the fourteenth day

The recommended shampoo implementation scheme begins on Day 4. It is required once a day. The shampoo solution should be mixed with normal water to make a soapy solution. The solution should be 10 ml. The remedy is to be poured on the scalp and then rinsed until the skin is clean and soapy-free. This may be dried with a towel, but just by patting this gently on the forehead. Strict scrubbing is specifically prohibited.

It is therefore advised that the patient not take a shower because the water force will adversely affect the surgery area. At this moment, the hydration spray cycle will start and the spray bottle should be placed in the refrigerator. Around the 7th and 10th days after the operation, a patient with stitches in the donor area will attend the clinic to extract them. As of the postoperative date, patients with FUE should visit the physician.

Fifteenth day

Between 14 days, the patients will use lotions and serum for hair development, allowing them to develop their hair more rapidly. This can be used throughout the night before sleeping in the worked field. Until at least 6 months, this cycle must proceed with positive outcomes. The treated region will be fully healed after 30 days and then you can restart the normal cycle of using a shampoo. Around this point, the hair should be washed by water, so that all crusts in the worked region are removed. Others should be used frequently, such as beauty cream treatment, beauty mist, and also hair color.