Female Hair Transplant And Donor Area


Female Hair Transplant And Donor Area

Both men and women can suffer from the hair loss and both being conscious for their looks seek for the solution of this problem. Earlier hair transplantation was considered to the good option for the balding men and women used to think it is not an option for them.

Female hair transplant procedure

Females suffer from the hair loss due to various reasons like nutritional deficiency; side effects of medications, thyroid and cancer like problems, heredity also become the prime reason for hair loss in females.

Now due to FUE procedure it becomes easy for the females to get rid from the hair loss problem with surgical hair restoration. In females also procedure of transplantation is same. Under the local anesthesia hair follicles are extracted on the basis of DHT resistant and then transplanted one by one in the thinning area.

Surgeon must be experienced for the hair transplant in the females as while surgery scars and pain must be managed adequately. Even the hair follicles must be selected so that they can grow as per the length of existing hair for lifetimes only then women can have undetectable hair.

Donor area in females

Although the procedure for hair transplantation is similar in both male and females but selection of donor area can be different. Females generally surfer from the diffuse hair loss which cause thinning of hair follicles all over the head so it becomes difficult to decide which is permanent zone from where follicles can be extracted.

So while performing FUE for female hair transplant surgeon must be expert to choose only the loss resistant hair follicles from the affected follicles all over the head.

Even body parts cannot be considered as the donor sites in case of females as they have different texture, color and growth properties so may not have the exact match with scalp hair in all cases.