FAQs Related To Fat Freezing


FAQs Related To Fat Freezing

We all want to do away with our fat deposits without really sweating it out. Medical science has come up with procedures like liposuction and fat freezing to make the fat deposits disappear in a matter of a few hours. Better known as cryo lipo, fat freezing is a non-surgical procedure treatment that is used to destroy fat deposits. In contrast to liposuction, it reduces fat by controlled cooling of fat deposits. It is also helpful in reshaping body contours. Liposuction in India has also caught on as a popular procedure for fat reduction.

The subcutaneous fat tissue is exposed to cooling at such a temperature that it causes the death of fat cells without damaging the overlying skin. It is a suitable alternative for people who don’t want to opt for a surgical method like liposuction. It is used for stubborn fat can which is hard to shed, despite following the best diet and doing enough exercise. We will discuss some FAQs related to the procedure –


What is Fat Freeze?

Cryo Lipo, which also goes by the name Fat Freeze, is a non-invasive treatment employed to reduce unwanted fat by using cold temperatures. The extremely cold sub-zero temperature is successful in killing the fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues.

How does the procedure kill fat?

The targeted area is marked out and the Cryo handle is applied to the specific area. The advanced cooling technology selectively freezes the targeted fat cells. The procedure of controlled cell death, also known as apoptosis is employed which gradually eliminates the fat cells. These cells are let out of the body through the body’s natural waste disposal system.

When fat cells are subjected to extremely low temperatures, the body responds by local inflammation which causes their death. The response issued by the body is to restrict circulation to keep the core of the body warm. Cryo Lipo technique uses a powerful vacuum along with the sub-zero temperature, thus adding to the inflammatory response.

What discomfort is experienced after the procedure?

The clients usually remain comfortable during the procedure. They can even resume their normal work schedule immediately after the procedure. Cryo Lipo is completely safe, non-invasive and has medically proven results. The most exciting thing about it is that has no downtime.

How many sessions does one require?

It all depends on the thickness of the fat and the client’s goals. Usually, one session is sufficient for most patients. A patient may opt for fat freezing in the same area again but it is not necessary in most of the cases. If they do, they will have to wait for approximately 2 months between the first and the second session.