Factors That Determine Difference Between Good Vs Great Hair Transplant


Factors That Determine Difference Between Good Vs Great Hair Transplant

There are a number of factors which are crucial for determining the efficacy of the hair transplant. One should opt for a well-established clinic which has a good reputation in the market.

You should also consider the technique which will suit you the most. You can choose from FUT or FUE. Both techniques have their plusses and minuses. But the most significant aspect of ensuring that your hair transplant goes well is availing the services of a well-established doctor. A good surgeon can make the difference between good and great hair transplant surgery.

Make your hair transplant great by getting it done by the best surgeon. Yes, a good surgeon is no doubt the greatest deciding factor in a hair transplant surgery. You must begin the way to rejuvenate your hair by looking out for a good hair surgeon. But how will you find the best hair surgeon? Well, to answer that question, we have a few guidelines for you.

The guidelines for finding a great hair transplant surgeon –

Years of Experience

Experience is the main yardstick when it comes to any profession. It is all the more significant in the case of doctors and surgeons. The more the experience, the more the level of expertise  in handling cases. Opt for a surgeon who has ample experience. You can view their medical record and know how long they have been in business.


Various boards and societies have been entrusted with the accreditation of surgeons. These organizations only certify those people who are highly qualified and fulfill certain criteria. They require high ethical values and safe procedures for measuring up to their standards. It is not a surprise that only the topmost hair transplant surgeons of the country are included in its membership.

The Innovative Edge

Innovation is another thing which will be required. Some doctors just stay where they are. It means that they are not interested in upgrading their skills. Some surgeons, on the other hand, look out for new opportunities every now and then. This is what sets them apart. Look for doctors who believe in using innovative methods such as platelet-rich plasma, robotics, and NeoGrafting.

At profile India, we have doctors who are a perfect mix of all the three above mentioned qualities. Accompanied by the flawless reputation we have, it is certainly not a surprise that we are among the best regional hair transplant centres.