Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Moga | Hair Transplantation Cost in Moga


Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Moga | Hair Transplantation Cost in Moga

Some people lose their eyebrows due to some trauma, illness, injury or due to side effects of some medications so for such patients’ hair transplant in Moga is the ideal solution. With the advancement in the methods of hair transplant, it is possible today to perform the hair transplant surgery to restore the facial hair on the delicate areas like eyebrows or eyelashes.

Eyebrow transplantation surgery

It is possible for the persons who have lost their eyebrows due to any reason can get their thick bow shaped eyebrows back with hair transplantation surgery. With the advanced and magnificent procedure like FUE facial hair can be restored but the thing is to understand the anatomy of eyebrows and the complexity of hair transplantation procedure while restoring the eyebrows. Let us discuss the FUE surgery for restoring the eyebrows.

However the basic principle and working process of the FUE remain same in restoring the eyebrows, means the loss resistant and healthy follicles are selected from the back area of the scalp as per the exact match with the existing eyebrow hair in terms of texture, color and length and then the one by one these follicles are extracted with the punches having diameter less than .7mm and in last are transplanted in the recipient area.

But there are some differences in the traditional FUE performed for the restoration of scalp hair and the FUE performed for the eyebrow restoration as follows

  1. Eyebrow hairs are mainly divided into the three parts that are head, middle and the tail and in all these parts hair have the different direction so while transplanting the hair surgeon must keep in mind about the direction of hair so that natural appearance of eyebrows can be retained after the surgery.
  2. In the scalp hair restoration donor area is selected on the basis of the available density of loss resistant hair but in eyebrow hair transplantation donor area is selected on the basis of the exact match with the eyebrow hair and even the requirement of grafts is quite lesser in case of transplanting eyebrow hair.
  3. There is also a difference of the creation of recipient site in both the procedures as in the scalp hair restoration hair is placed at 30 or45 degree angles but for the eyebrows, hair is placed flat against the skin.
  4. For scalp hair restoration multiple hairs ranging from 1 to 4can be extracted but for eyebrow restoration single hair is extracted and transplanted to give the desired shape of eyebrows after surgery