Everything about Rhinoplasty Recovery Period


Everything about Rhinoplasty Recovery Period

Before undergoing a surgical procedure, it is important that you know the details from start to finish. Once the patient gets to know the do’s and don’t it helps them to plan in a proper way. In this guide, we will tell you in detail regarding the recovery period with the rhinoplasty procedure.

Here we will help you understand the recovery timeline of the rhinoplasty.

Recovery timeline

Right after the Procedure

Following the rhinoplasty surgery, the patient’s nose is bandaged and supported with a nasal splint. For the first few days, the patient needs to wear protective gear. Your surgeon will let you know when you can take it off.

It can be quite troublesome to wear but despite the fact, you need to wear it for nose support and protection. After surgery, the patient will experience tenderness, swelling, and bruising around the nose which extends to the eyes which lasts for a few weeks.

2 to 4 weeks after surgery

  • With time, the postsurgical complaints will subside. Within a few weeks, bruising around the eyes & nose will get light along with swelling.
  • The nasal splint is removed within a week and you will notice little bruising on the face. If the bruising is still there then the patient can apply concealer if they want to go to work.
  • With time, you will notice that the nose shape is improved. Although at this point it is still very early to know how the final results will look like the wounds and swelling on the nose are not healed completely.

Few months after surgery

With each passing day, the nose will look better as the swelling will start to fade away. By the second month, the final results of the surgery can be seen in a better way.

In some cases patients have their tip nose numbed but this is completely fine as it is temporary. As the recovery will progress the nose sensation will start coming back. By this time you can see the results and started looking better so it is the best time to flaunt your beautiful features without any hesitation.

Important consideration

  • Following the surgery, it is important to avoid getting into strenuous activity for 1 to 2 months. Also, direct sunlight is not ideal for 1 to 3 months.
  • Within 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, the patient can get back into daily activity. Make sure you do not force things on yourself as this can complicate things that are not helpful in any way.
  • Even if you can see the improvements within 3 months the wounds inside the nose take time to heal properly.

Following the surgeon’s instructions and above given advice is the best way to see the enhanced nasal profile.