Environmental factors That Causes hair loss


Environmental factors That Causes hair loss

Hair loss does not only occur due to hormonal and genetic reasons, but there are also some environmental factors present which can lead to excessive hair loss. In this content, you will learn how these factors affect your hair badly. And how you can get rid of this problem.

In this era, pollution is a major concern because it can lead to many health problems. Due to this, many individuals experience hair loss, male pattern baldness, and some other scalp conditions. In addition to this, numerous persons are living in urban areas and the drawback of living in urban areas that the individual will surely experience the health problems because of pollution, dust, grime, and smoke. In which hair loss is on the peak when can be affected by environmental factors.

Well, hair and skin are the main parts which mostly affected by environmental factors such as pollution and dust. You can simply protect your skin with the help of lotions and creams but protection your hair is too difficult.

Actually, not everyone is aware of this that environmental factors play a significant role in hair loss. In order to get rid of this problem, you need to go through the best hair loss treatment.

There are some things which will tell you about environmental factors which are responsible for hair loss in both sexes.

Chemical Substances

Everyone loves swimming, yet there is some outcome on it that water of swimming pool contains Chlorine. Which effects your hair badly and you will surely experience the hair fall. In addition to this, in the swimming pool, there are numerous synthetic chemicals present in the water. They lead to dryness, dandruff, and hair breakage as well.

Hard Water badly effect on hair and hair follicle

Hard water is the most known environmental factor that causes dandruff and hair breakage, additionally affects your hair follicles since it contains high levels of calcium, silica, and magnesium.

Air Pollution

When your hair has cooperated with polluted air then they will surely experience the male pattern baldness and hair loss. Researchers found that when polluted air enters into the body and skin, then it makes hair more dry and weak. This is additionally one of the known reasons because many individuals experience hair loss. Furthermore, smoking does not only affect smokers but also affects non-smokers.

Moreover, heat and direct sun exposure also affect the body and hair. Due to this, you will surely experience hair loss. In order to get rid of this condition, you should give a little extra care to your hair. And you must go with a hair transplant and you can also apply essential hair oils on your scalp and hair.