Does Hair Shaving Really Promotes Hair Growth?


Does Hair Shaving Really Promotes Hair Growth?

Hair loss is a growing problem of both sexes due to poor lifestyle habits and environmental factors. They try so many products in order to treat your hair fall condition but they are enabled to get the proper growth. Many people reveal that shaving head is useful to promote hair growth but this is not true.

Everyone wants a long, healthy, and shiny hair, but it is not as simple as we think. Due to some scalp conditions or hair loss, this is too difficult. There are several reasons behind hair loss such as hormonal changes, genetic reasons, some medicines, cancer, cancer treatment known as chemotherapy, and so on. You may experience hair fall due to deep stress, depression, and environmental factors.

Millions of people are suffering from hair fall and they try so many hair growth solutions but they are unable to get rid of this hair fall condition. In addition to this, they choose many types of medicines, hair growth shampoo and conditioner, and some another type of hair growth products but these all the solutions give you only temporary relief from hair fall.

Sometimes, you need to go through a hair transplant due to excessive hair fall. Because hair transplant is the best hair fall treatment which gives you the permanent results. Moreover, a recent study reveals that shaving hair is valuable to get rid of hair fall.

Let’s have a look at this head shaving concept and how it works.

Head Shaving

Actually, we all heard that shaving is the best solution to grow hair faster but we didn’t know that this is also useful for scalp hair. Many people consider it a myth but some people who are fed up of hair fall problem try this solution. And they reveal that they get the desired results because this is really useful to promote hair growth.

Now. This is the time to check whether it is true or not.

The truth behind head shaving

Well, head shaving works differently for every person because the hair growth depends on your genes and hormones. These hormones and genes are useful to develop healthy hair follicles. So, this is only useful for some people but shaving your head does not give you proper growth. And it does not improve hair texture, color, pattern, and thickness. Since hair growth depends on hair follicles health and growth.

What shaving head really does?

Many people said that shaving head results in thick hair but this is only a myth. No doubt, you notice thick hair but it is only an illusion, you experience thick hair because of new hair which is chemical free. Not shaving head is the best solution to promote hair growth.