Does Hair Loss Lead To Balding As End Result?


Does Hair Loss Lead To Balding As End Result?

Hairs are one of the important parts of any person whether it is men or women. People are very conscious that how they look. The problem of male pattern baldness is more prominent as compared to female pattern baldness. The problem ofhair lossin men can be seen at an early age. Additionally, the pattern of hair fall and thinning of hairs is different in both men and women. Usually, every person loses around 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. However, if you are experiencing the problem of hair fall in excess then it might lead to the problem of baldness. If you consult the doctor on time then the problem can be treated on time and your hairs can grow back. Let’s see what are the issues that make the situation worse.

  • Diet

The most important factor of growth of hairs is diet. Your hairs also need food for growth and so that they can stay healthy. Eat lots of fruit and green vegetables for healthy and strong hairs. Include Vitamin B12 which is found in milk and milk products as it also promotes hair growth. If you are not eating properly then it will affect the growth of hair follicles as they will become. In the end, you will notice shedding of hairs which ultimately leads to balding.

  • Hereditary

Some people notice hair fall at a very young age and one reason for this is hereditary. It is in your genes and you can’t do anything about it. There might be someone in your family who must have faced the same problem. You can consult the doctor for the treatment of hair transplant.

  • Drinking and Smoking

If you smoke or drink then it also affects the growth of hairs. The substances found in them makes the hair weak and dull which leads to hair fall. To prevent the problem baldness you need to change your lifestyle factors and the way you live your daily routine.

  • Medications

In the case of women, they might be taking birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. Sometimes, the medications can affect the hairs. Some men might be taking steroids, drugs, or some medications which also affect the growth of hairs. You need to consult the doctor so that he can tell you what are the factors which are making your hairs fall out excessively.

  • Hair-styling

You might be using hair styling products to style the hairs. Due to this, the hair loses its shine and it becomes brittle. Unfortunately, if you don’t avoid it this problem leads to hair fall and the final result will be baldness.