Does Color of Transplanted Hair Match the Original Hair?


Does Color of Transplanted Hair Match the Original Hair?

Hair transplant offers you better results with a natural look, so there is no need to worry about color mismatching after the hair loss treatment.

Hair transplant is the best hair loss treatment which offers you best results according to your desires. Hair transplant surgery is too safe and secure method to treat hair loss. In addition, hair transplantation is of two types such as FUE and FUT, both these methods are effective for your bald scalp. But the majority of people asked it hair transplant procedure gives them appropriate results, for example, does the color of transplanted hair match with natural hair?

Actually, the results of hair transplantation depends on many factors such as the reason behind hair loss, your health condition, age, and so on. Some people experience grey hair but it only happens when they have grey hair at the donor site. But this is rare, not everyone experiences it, hair transplantation is too safe and give you better results.

Predicting How Well Hair transplant will work

Hair transplants work well but the results depend on your health condition. Only those patients experience grey who have grey hair at their donor area. But if you are getting this treatment from a skilled surgeon then, there is no need to worry about anything. Even if you experience grey hair at your scalp then, no one can notice them because your surgeon performs this procedure with careful considerations.

Doctors cannot predict what type of hair color do you experience in the future due to a hair transplant. It only predicts after hair growth, don’t worry you will only see the original color of your hair on the transplanted region.

When can I dye my transplanted hair?

Well, it again depends on the patient, how fast he recovers from this procedure. Actually, you should wait for 6-7 months so that you can get sufficient hair growth in the transplanted region. After then, you need to visit the surgeon for proper checkup. Only then he will be able to recommend you a nay thing. Don’t even try to dye your hair without meeting your surgeon or without the permission of the surgeon.

It is a good idea to avoid their products for almost 8 months so that you can get proper hair growth. And then start dying your hair, make sure you will use only high-quality products. Because cheap products will surely harm your hair and scalp as well. You should buy the products with the prescription of a doctor only.