Does Beard Transplant Look As Natural as Original?


Does Beard Transplant Look As Natural as Original?

Beard hair transplant is in trend because the majority of young ones need to look more attractive and adorable because new styles of the beard are so popular these days.

Beard transplant is so popular among boys these days due to not having proper growth. You may experience patches in your beard due to alopecia areata because of this is the auto-immune diseases which further results in hair fall or patches in your beard.

Moreover, you may also experience this condition due to genetic factors or some people even do not experience the beard yet. In order to get the beard hair transplant, you need to visit us, so that we can guide you about everything related to beard transplant. Now, let’s understand together how natural beard transplantation looks like.

Is Beard Transplant Results In A Natural Look?

The results of your beard transplantation depend on the skills and experience of your surgeon. Moreover, it additionally depends on your donor hair or growth of the donor area. Because your whole treatment is based on your donor hair and health condition. So, it is mandatory for you to arrange a consultation so that he can examine you and guide you about results.

In addition to this, if you are going to get this transplantation procedure you need to understand the beard transplantation methods. There are two types of methods similarly as hair transplant procedure such as FUT and FUE. FUT explains as Follicular Unit Transplantation and FUE means Follicular Unit Extraction.

In which FUE techniques is the best in order to get the natural looking and permanent results. Let’s see what is FUE beard transplant.

FUE Beard Transplant

FUE beard transplant is additionally known as Follicular Unit Extraction. The procedure of FUE beard transplant is almost similar to the hair transplant process, but in this treatment, your surgeon collects the hair from under the chin. And he will then transplant only five hair follicles to the affected area. Moreover, this is the procedure which does not result in scarring and gives you natural looking. But you have to give little care to your transplanted beard in order to get more natural looking outcomes. And you will start noticing hair in your beard within three weeks after the transplantation procedure.

Ways To Ensure The Best Results

  • You need to choose the skilled and experienced surgeon who gives you the procedure with careful consideration.
  • And you must follow all the post-care instructions so that you can get the proper growth in your transplanted area.
  • You must go with healthy lifestyle otherwise you may need to repeat the procedure.