Does Baldness Only Happen To Old Age People?


Does Baldness Only Happen To Old Age People?

Hair loss can be seen in various age groups, although it is related to old age as well. The reason behind this  phenomena is the fact that the productivity of the hair follicles reduces with age, that is why we get to see many elderly people balding away. The most common reason for balding is androgenic alopecia which is caused due to heredity. Elderly women also show balding as the rate of hair growth diminishes after menopause. There are many treatments s available for hair loss, the primary being hair transplant.

Reasons for Baldness

There are many reasons for baldness-

  1. Medication

Certain medications which heal depression, gout, and hormonal problems are known to cause hair thinning. The medicines affect the hair follicles in a negative way and it results in the disruption of their growth cycle. In such cases, it is best to consult the doctor and request him to either change the medicine or reduce the dosage.

  1. Poor Health

Thyroid malfunction, skin or scalp infection, and alopecia areata can show up in the form of hair loss. Even people with iron deficiency show hair loss.

  1. Hormonal Imbalance

If there is an imbalance in the hormonal levels, we might encounter baldness. The imbalance after menopause also causes hair loss.

  1. The Way You Treat Your Hair

Tight hairstyles, over styling, high heat straightening or perming can lead to the damage of hair follicles, thereby causing hair loss.

How To Prevent Age-related Baldness

Age-related baldness can be handled with the following preventive measures-

  1. Take a Nutritious Diet

One should ensure that one’s body gets the essential nutrients through diet. One should have a diet rich in vitamin A, C, and E . One must include foods rich in protein and iron in one’s diet.

  1. Active Lifestyle

An active lifestyle which has a regular schedule for exercises will help in maintaining a  regular flow of blood throughout the body. Your hair will benefit from it as it will mean the passage of more oxygen and nutrients to your hair.

  1. Coloring Woes

Most elderly people color their hair. It is best to avoid these colors as they have harmful chemicals which damage the texture of our hair.

How to Treat Baldness

  1. Some medicines are effective in reversing hair loss. Minoxidil is a medicine which starts showing results in a span of 2 months, after which it has to be continued. Finasteride is another medicine which acts as a DHT blocker, thus helping in reviving hair growth.
  2. Hair Transplant is a technique which is invasive but guarantees hair growth in most cases. It is carried out in two forms FUT and FUE. It involves the extraction of hair roots from the site with more hair and implantation on the site with less hair.