Do You Want To Have Reduced Breasts?


Do You Want To Have Reduced Breasts?

Breasts are the significant point of attraction in the female personality so most of the women seek for larger breasts that are in perfect shape so choose the breast augmentation procedure for the same but few are there whose larger breasts become the house for many problems for them. Some females suffer from chafing, embarrassment, back, and neck problem due to excess size of their breasts so they choose to have breast reduction surgery for downsizing their breasts.

Are you the candidate for breast reduction surgery

Are you the candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Before choosing the breast reduction surgery it is important to know whether this surgery is an ideal solution for you or not?

The women that have great general health means they are fit and fine overall can choose this surgery but if you are breastfeeding mother, pregnant or planning for pregnancy then this surgery is not advisable for you. Even soon after the caesarian delivery, you cannot go for this surgery to reshape your breasts.

What is the procedure of Breast reduction surgery

What is the procedure of Breast reduction surgery?

This surgery is also known as reduction mammaplasty in which excess skin, fat, and tissues from the breasts are removed to give smaller, lighter and proportional breasts to the female patient.

This surgery is performed under the general anesthesia to give painless treatment to the patient. Every cosmetic surgery is unique in itself so our best surgeon strives to give the best treatment by utilizing his best medical knowledge and experience.

He makes the anchor incision around the nipple areola complex that extends vertically below the nipple down towards breast crease and horizontally along the breast crease at bottom. Then from the incision excess tissue and fat is removed and nipple –areola is moved upward to the desired position to give perfect shaped proportional breasts after treatment.

This is the procedure of three to four hours and sometimes is combined with liposuction to minimize scarring. However, the women with glandular breasts cannot be the ideal candidate for liposuction procedure for the removal of excess fat in the breasts,

Recovery after surgery

Recovery after surgery

On the same day of surgery, patients can get back to their home, however, it takes some days to get recover from the surgery. Patients are given special surgical bra to wear for few weeks after the surgery so that swelling and pain can be prevented. After 6-8 weeks patient can witness the final results of surgery and feel recovered from the surgery.